Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

As you narrow down a shortlist of wedding photographers with a style that suits your vision there are some key questions to ask which will help you determine which photographer to choose.

Asking the right questions can allay any anxieties you may have and help you to discover if you have a good rapport. You may fall in love with their portfolio, but still need to consider other factors such as experience, availability, flexibility and pricing.

Pricing may influence your choice thus it is important to consider the various packages they offer, what is included and how much you will pay for any extras. You may be happy to receive a flash drive of the images to print off yourself or want something more such as print albums and large scale portraits. Consider the length of time the photographer will attend your wedding and if they cover key moments you wish to record such as getting ready and the cake cutting.

Ask the photographer if they are familiar with your wedding venue, if they have shot there before, and if they are not will they scope it out prior to the wedding. You may have decided to go for a reportage style of photography but still wish to have some posed shots after the ceremony.

Ask if your photographer is skilled in both traditional and reportage style shots and if you would feel comfortable taking direction from them. If you elect to go with a traditional style you should ask how many requests you can put on your shot list.  You will need to be able to trust them to look your best.

You may not know much about photographic equipment but will want to know if they shoot digitally or with film. Film will take longer to process and you should ask when the photographs will be available to you as no doubt you will be on tenterhooks waiting to see the finished product. As to equipment you may want to know if they have a back-up plan to deal with any technical hitches.

It is important to ask if you have the copyright to digital photographs as you may wish to post them on social media and share them among your friends. Ask if the photographer intends to use the prints on social media or for advertising purposes. Some photographers create an online gallery made available to you and your guests. Similarly with film prints you will want to ask if you can have the negatives.

Other pertinent questions to ask include details of their cancellation policytheir overtime rate if things run over, if they charge extra for travel and accommodation, and how many weddings they have shot. A professional photographer will be able to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease.

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