Different Styles Of Wedding Photography

At MQ Photography, we know your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and your wedding photographs are a permanent record, evoking special memories through the years. You should give some thought to the different styles of wedding photography available to find the type that most reflects how you want to capture those most precious of moments. There are three main styles of wedding photography to consider: traditional, reportage and contemporary editorial.

Traditional wedding photography

The traditional style of wedding photography is the classic way of the photographer arranging posed shots of the happy couple and group shots of family and friends. The couple will compile a list of the shots they want and will know what to expect. The photographer will work on a timeline to create classic photographs that will stand the test of time without dating. If you are uncomfortable posing for photographs or feel that this traditional style lacks spontaneity or takes too much time away from the celebrations then you may prefer to consider reportage style photography.

Reportage wedding photography

Reportage wedding photography has taken over from traditional wedding photography in the popularity stakes, suiting modern couples as it focuses on spontaneity rather than set poses. The reportage photographer will blend into the background, taking candid shots that capture special moments as they unfold throughout the day. Photographs shot this way can create the wow factor when they are taken by an experienced photographer with an eye for anticipating perfect moments. It is a popular style as it allows the couple to enjoy their day without posing and the resultant photographs capture natural moments full of spontaneous joy and happiness. They are less stilted than traditional photographs.

Contemporary editorial wedding photography

Contemporary editorial wedding photography focuses on obtaining amazing shots that are dramatically posed with an emphasis on lighting. These are the high fashion shots associated with magazines and while they can create stunning images they not for everyone. Not every couple is adept at the type of posing required unless they have model training. The editorial photographer will stage a unique and artistic shot that involves posing, often against a backdrop, to create a high impact visual. While the result may be dramatic and stunning it is more about the couple and may exclude family and friends from the celebratory footage.

It is, of course, possible to opt for a mixed style of wedding photography.  Perhaps choosing reportage, but electing for some traditional group shots immediately after the ceremony.  Or slipping away after the ceremony for some highly stylized contemporary shots. These are questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Whichever style you select, ensure the photographer you choose is experienced in that style so your photographs are the best as they will last a lifetime.